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What’s The Best Parvov Drug ?

images 9 - What's The Best Parvov Drug ?
images 9 - What's The Best Parvov Drug ?

Has your dog ever been hit by parvov sickness ? I guess so. The question on the lips of every dog owner is, what is the best drug for parvov sickness?. Parvov sickness is obviously one of the most deadly dog infections with about 91% mortality rate, very few dogs actually survive it.
Are you new into dog rearing, then you need this information, kindly note, I am not speaking as a veterinary doctor but as dog trainer and lover, who has seen several dogs survive the deadly parvor disease.
This sickness has defied the medical intelligence of many renowned and respected vet. Doctors, because most of their injections, syringes, drips don’t work, especially when it has gotten to a severe case.
The best parvov drug i know for now is emzoclox. Wait, I am not in anyway advertising for them, but if a brand does well, they are worthy of recommendation.
For usage, you can follow the prescription of your doctor or a pharmacist, but my personal prescription that I used for my dog is , Emzoclox for 5 days, you should understand the dog won’t have appetite. There are ways to go about it, you could use the syringe to measure 5ml, and force it into its mouth, twice daily, preferably morning and evening.
I will also advice you give it O.R.T mixed with glucose for strength, the dog won’t have appetite for any kind of food, so the O.R.T will give it strength.

Its important to note that the dog also needs food for strength to overcome the sickness, once the dog start showing signs of wellness, force feed the dog. Push food down its throat until it start showing signs of appetite for food.
The dog naturally will recover from the sickness.
Early detection of the disease is the best way to ensure it’s recovery, most dogs contract the disease between 3months and 5months, so always be on the lookout, once the dog stops eating and starts showing some symptoms like Weakness,
Dehydration, vomiting around this age range, don’t look for other signs, its most likely to be parvov.
Other infections include Dehydration,
Depression, fever, bloody diarrhea, Weight loss.

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