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How to get rid of ticks from your Dog

images 19 - How to get rid of ticks from your Dog
images 19 - How to get rid of ticks from your Dog

One major battle you will confront as a dog owner , breeder or trainer is against ticks on your dogs. Its almost inevitable to find ticks on your dogs, but you can limit it to a very great extent, ticks are very dangerous to dogs especially when it is not treated on time, Ticks attach to your dog by inserting their mouthparts into your dog’s skin, producing a sticky, gluelike substance that helps them to remain attached to the body of the dogs,
the ticks eventually feed on your dog’s blood. The places where ticks feed becomes red and irritated. Ticks produce the following effects.
1.) Deficiency in the blood of the dog
2.) Ticks can cause Lyme disease to your dog, ( lyme can cause arthritis and swelling of your dog’s joints, resulting in painful lameness)
3.) Ticks causes irritation to your dog
All these and many more.

You really do want to get rid of ticks especially to your puppy dogs.

How to get rid of Ticks
1.) Fumigate your house (the entire surroundings of the dog). To do these you might take the dog to a different location, because the fumigation can affect the dog if inhaled, for fumigation, you can mix sniper with kerosene in appropriate proportion .
2.) If the ticks is already on the dogs , then you might need to apply ticks powder or ticks injection, although the ticks injection does have side effects, so it’s advisable to use an effective ticks powder, kindly understand that puppies and pregnant dogs may be allergic to the ticks injection. The ticks powder I recommend is Ect-o-vet, I found it to be very effective. Others like amitraz are good also but not very effective, then you can also use this local idiagbon , rub on the dog, idiagbon doesn’t kill ticks but it makes the skin to shine and prevents it. Once the ticks is on the body, they go into hidden spots like the toes, inside the ears, underneath the belt (if you use a dog belt). Its advisable to take action against ticks because it is dangerous to dogs.

Kindly note, this advice is based on experience as a dog breeder, not as a professional vet. Doctor.

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